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We’re Working Hard

I'm side tracked, Adam's winning the battle

I’ve been working hard to get blog images to work right, GoFundMe account to work and learn how to share my story. For me, it’s easier to get covered in sawdust than do computer work but I’m still having fun getting ready! Tomorrow, Adam and I are working on final improvements to front suspension parts on truck. Actually Adam is, I’m working on interior of truck. It’s best I stay out of his way, I just slow him down 🙂

This weekend’s goal is for my son Adam to be able to get all mechanical improvements done. For me, design and make progress on the roll-out drawers and platform for refrigerator in back of truck.

The image is of my son Adam working on roof rack last spring when I was falling behind. He is a REALLY good welder it’s fun to watch him. He has given up so much of his time to help me, I would have never got this done with out him.

More later,

Luv ya,


P.S. Just had to stop and listen for a moment, to a man not too far from where I live that plays Taps every night at sundown. They’ve done stories about him on T.V. He’s amazing and it is very moving to hear him play. If you’re not careful it will bring tears to your eyes.

2 comment on “We’re Working Hard

  • Josh
    August 3, 2017 | 11:47 pm

    What’s the roll outs for back of truck? Hope you get it all done soon!! Looking forward to more posts along the way.

    • Steve Birdsall
      August 4, 2017 | 1:42 pm

      Roll out is woodworker shorthand for drawers the will roll out in the back of truck on drawer slides. Thanks Josh’ will do.

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