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The Grand Canyon

Steve, Lydia And God’s Amazing Timing

Sometimes one man’s beauty is another man’s so so. I was encouraged to go see the Grand Canyon by many people prior to and during my trip. So, I did, it’s not that it’s not cool, but I would rather be in the Badlands in South Dakota. I think in my mind I was trying to compare the two, instead of just enjoying the Grand Canyon for her own beauty.

So, what did I take away from the Grand Canyon? First, wow is it full of tourists! I liked my campground better than the crowds at the south rim.

Second, I got lucky on a camping spot. I just showed up at the campground and asked for three nights. The guy said, “no way, we’re full up. People reserve their spots way in advance.” I’m thinking oh here we go again. I knew there were primitive campsites back a few miles outside of the park if need be. I asked the guy “how about one night?” He started looking over the lists of campsites and said, “how about three nights? Somebody just canceled”. So, with campsite secured I went about touring the community of stores, parking lots and invisible visitor centers, so totally confusing for this old man. But perseverance (and a call to my brother) paid off and I found a way to get to the canyon. Lol

When I was parking my truck to walk out to the rim a lady said, “hey you have an NRS sticker on your truck”!  Do you have their paddle boards? I said no, the stickers came with the truck. We started talking while her family got loaded up in their van. She told me her brother in-law worked there. She noticed my blue ribbon on the hood of my truck and asked about it. We started talking about my journey and why, about that time her husband came over and joined in on the conversation. It was fun to share without trying to. By the way, I could have hugged her, she was the first person on my journey to ask about my blue ribbon without being prompted.

My last night there I had the privilege of spending a few hours chatting with a man named Bob. He is a marine, a dad and a traveler. His skill at maintaining golf courses allows him to travel. He enjoys music festivals a lot and often seems to schedule his journey to see many of them. He has some eccentric ideas and I think that is a big part of why Bob is so engaging and fun to share stories with.

Lastly, but not least! I met a young couple named Steve and Lydia. They were camped across the roadway from me in the campground. I met Steve first, as he was checking out some Elk that were walking through the campground right behind my site. I met Lydia on Sunday morning when Janie and I went for a walk on the rim when all the tourists were leaving. I noticed a young woman standing in a tree that appeared to lean out over the edge of the rim. I commented she had more guts than me! A moment later Steve realized who I was and brought Lydia over to meet me. We started talking about where they’d been, where I had been. Of course, I encouraged them to see the Bad Lands. 😊

They asked about my journey and we talked about it for a while. I spoke about how disappointing it was to see so many men who said they would never get tested, no latex glove for them! Lydia said not to be too discouraged, that I’m planting seeds, they might say no way to me, but later remember our conversation at a future Doctor appointment and ask about PSA testing.

My friend Karen says the same thing. I guess I better start listening and just remember I’m planting seeds. Yes Karen, I hear you laughing.


And Janie and I are off again for somewhere in Arizona, I don’t remember where. Oh wait, it’s Lees Ferry Campground.

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