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The best surprises are surprises

Well, as planned I got up early, but not to pack and leave. I got up at 4:30 to go fishing on Winchester Lake. It would be wrong not to try before leaving, right?! Well, I tried, but no luck. Beautiful place, though. I think I was really distracted with worry about whether there would be space at the next campground, so bailed out on the fishing, packed up and made my way to the place I located last night, Mackay’s Boulder Recreation Site. Being a BLM campground, I expected the usual bare-bones, not-so-clean facility, but figured, hey – no reservations needed, right? It’s a place to stay. Turns out it’s not only the cleanest BLM site I have ever seen, but way better than most state campgrounds, showers and all!!!

The river it’s on is Clearwater river. It seems to be a very big center piece to the whole area. There is a dam up-stream as well as a fish hatchery. Because of the hatchery it has a substantial salmon and steelhead run, both runs being important to the community.  Me not being a river fisherman I left fishing to others in the park.

Outside of getting clean, the highlight of my day was meeting two families who are clearly destined to become some of my new best friends. You just never know when something really cool is going to happen! You’ll be hearing more about them, so stay tuned.

Luv ya,


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