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On the road…….Finally!

This feels so good

Well, I finally hit the road! After 9 days of extra work on my truck, setbacks, delays and distractions, I have arrived at first stop. My friends Karen and Gordon invited me to stop and stay a day or two. A great way to start – I’m away from home but not in a campground yet. Here I have a clean driveway to unpack and re-pack my truck (just where is that really annoying rattle coming from?). This is only my second excursion in many years, so just deciding what, where and how to pack everything was challenging.

There are a lot of different stories I’ve wanted to share but wasn’t making the time each day to post any of them. Doctor appointments (21 in two weeks at one point!) and truck build took all my time and just as damaging, zapped my emotional energy.

That behind me, I think what I will do is post more than one story a day until I get caught up. I feel most of them are too important to just add to a long post about multiple stories.


Luv ya all,



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