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I’m in a magazine :)

Life at the Points Magazine

Wow, great way to really put pressure on me! My dog Janie has been keeping an eye out but even she never saw the magazine coming out this week. I’ve got to get my rear in gear. I am still learning how to post articles and menu pages. I am also setting up a GoFundMe account. Here’s a link to it;

All of this is moving so fast. Amidst all the planning for the journey I am upgrading my truck for this long of a trip, trying to learn how to run this blog, set up a GoFundMe account, get ribbon on truck, lots of doctor appointments, 10 last week, and more stuff to do still! then my poor boss needs me to actually work.

I have a friend working on getting design and information for brochures to distribute while I’m traveling.  She’s also working on places for me to go speak while on the road.

Oh ya, forgot to tell you the magazine is Life at the Points it’s a community magazine for Browns Point and Dash Point where I live. Pretty cool to have my story in print. I’ll post a copy of article soon.

All in all it’s a blast, just wish I could have already stopped working 🙂

Luv ya all,


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