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It’s been a great week

Sometimes you just need a little faith

I’ve been pretty worried about getting some stuff done on my truck these past few weeks. I battle a common disease, its call procrastination and avoidance! Seems to be a recurring issue considering my story.

My plan was to have a prostate cancer ribbon put on the hood of my truck, I finally stopped into Fife Signs, the shop I wanted to use and talked with Tim. He’s done work for Madera  Furniture Company where I work in the past. We set up a schedule and went over one design idea I had. I then gave him artistic license to run with it and crossed my fingers. I stopped in to see it a couple days later and it is going to look amazing! Can’t wait to show you.

But wait! I never took my truck to a company called Metal Magic here in Tacoma. There are a few really ugly dents on the hood that will detract from the look of the wrap. They do a paint-less dent repair process that defies logic. Fearing they would be too booked up I went in anyways and talked with them about what I needed and when. I explained my story and why the deadline. They were super helpful and have fit me in for Monday the 7th. The wrap goes on Tuesday the 8th.


I’ll post again soon,

Luv ya,



One comment on “It’s been a great week

  • Karen Smith
    August 27, 2017 | 6:36 am

    Looking forward to following you on your journey!!!

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