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Hey Sydney!

I’m Gonna chill and take five

Thank you so much for the three cd’s. I am listening to all three regularly and I absolutely love all three. What I can’t imagine is the amount of time it took to choose songs and arrange them. Thank You! They flow beautifully together. The tones and verses seem to all call out to me, each and every song. Whether it’s the catchy song about chill’n and take 5 or the duel language song about rolling on rolling home to where we belong. There are so many written just for me and my journey. It seems each song’s lyrics applies to my journey and my story. How did you pick these?

August Rush? I listened to that one over and over as I drove through The Badlands; the mountains and the songs fit perfectly together. Then there’s one that demands you whistle with it! Wish I could whistle better. lol.

There is an instrumental song that just pulls at my heart – I could listen to that one on a loop over and over as I drive along all the highways and byways, looking at the scenery. These songs are priceless for me.

I will be forever grateful,

Luv ya,




“Out in the back yard to cut the lawn; it aint hard to stay alive, I’m gonna chill and take five”



One comment on “Hey Sydney!

  • Sydney
    October 1, 2017 | 7:03 am

    Hi Steve!

    I am so glad you like the cd’s. There were so fun to make and am thrilled that you actually listen to them. Sometimes when I make friends cd’s I get nervous because I don’t know if they will like them or think I’m crazy. hehe

    I love music and the powerful emotions that a song or even a single instrument can provoke. I know it sounds cliché but sometimes the music really does speak to me. When I hear a really great song for the first time it makes me cry. The sound of the drums or a powerful voice vibrates through me and I can really feel the music. One of my philosophies in life is that I do not need any sort of substance i.e. drugs/alcohol to alter my state of mind to have a good time….all I need are a few good songs. Music is powerful. Music is inspiring.

    I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to read this post because we have now been able to connect simply through music and that is a beautiful thing. It’s not something that happens often. I tried to be mindful of the songs I selected and it sounds like they were what you needed for where you were/are in life. Cheers to that!

    Stay safe my friend and let the music take you on this journey!
    Until we meet again…

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